Tuesday, 16 August 2016

On my to do list....

Living in the times that we do, I strongly feel that we must start to live sustainably.  This meaning for me that I don't want to buy vegetables, I want to grow my own.  Setting out I decided to go big and plant enough for our family of 5 to eat, and some extra for the birds :-).  I only planted veggies that we will eat and I have a whole timetable set out on when to plant and replant, so that we constantly have veggies to eat.

This is what the patch looked like before I started.  A lot of hard word went into digging out all the grass, adding lots of fresh compost into the garden and getting rids of weeds.

Then next step was to close the garden with a fence, to keep our mischievous puppies out. Then the fun part began, planting some seedlings and seeds.  

A friend of mine gave me some black berries plants which I planted against the fence in hope that it will climb along and cover the fence completely with time.  

What it looks like at the moment.  Things are coming on nicely.  I do have a battle with snails and the birds eating my seeds.  Guess I will have to learn and share.  

Currently in the garden is:
A variety of salads.
Small tomatoes.
Egg plants
Green peppers
Green beans
Sweet corn
Green peppers
Beetroot and Carrots.

Lets hope that I will have success and to reach my goal of living sustainably when it comes to vegetables.

Keep well!

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