Friday, 16 September 2016

First time visit to Swaziland

What excitement!  My husband works in a neighbouring country and during our school holiday we had the chance to visit and see where he works.  It is about 5 hours drive and the girls were so excited to use their passports (and to get it stamped).

I travelled alone with them - which was a challenge on its own, but I tried to plan the trip, snacks and activities carefully and we arrived without any problem, tears and frustration.

I made them each a "car-bag" to keep all their stuff in.  I used an old shopping bag, cut and sewed it a bit smaller.  It fits perfectly over the seat and it kept their stuff neat.

In Swaziland, we visited the Glass Factory.  Please read more about it here. It was fascinating and inspiring to see how everything used in the factory is either re-used and recycled.

The Ndwenya mine is an old iron mine near the city of Mbabane.  An absolutely stunning view with the trees taking back their own territory.

It was a very special trip and quite close to home.  We will definitely be back there soon.

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