Sunday 30 July 2017

A foxie for Sew a Softie

I've got a bit of a obsession with foxies at the moment, especially the whimsical kind and I would like to share with you a easy foxie to make.

The fox I designed might be for a more experienced sewer, because I sew the pieces with the right sides together and the turn the softie inside out. You can however, just do a normal outside seam without turning.

I first trace the pattern on 2 pieces of felt. I love using transparencies for my templates.  They are more sturdier to work with. I sewed the heart and the arms into place onto one of the pieces.  I used my sewing machine for the heart and arms as it gives a better finish.  But you can hand sew them on as well.  It will look good with contrasting thread.

Place the second pattern piece over the first one, with the 'right sides' together and sew around trace lines. I find it easier to sew around the trace lines first before I cut the pieces out.  This helps to keep the seam neat and makes it a lot easier to work with.   Remember to leave an opening on the side to turn and stuff later.
Sew the tail in the same way.  First sew and then cut it out.

Turn the softie inside out, taking care to get the nose out all the way.

Insert the eyes at this point.  I used 2 different sizes to add to the whimsical effect.

Stuff your foxie. I prefer to use poly-puff stuffing.  It is small, soft pieces of stuffing which allows me to stuff my toys without any bumps. Close the opening.

 You can sew the mouth on at any point from now on as long as the nose is stuffed nice and firm.  I used normal black cotton with a zig-zag stitch.

Stuff the tail a bit and sew the opening close.  I attached the tail with sewing on a button.

Finally I decided my foxie needs a knitted scarf.

Thank you for joining me!  Please remember to post your softies and share with us.




  1. How sweet is foxie! Using transparencies as templates is also a really good idea. Thanks for being part of sew a Softie :)


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