Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Success in the Art Room

Every now and then one does something without really knowing what the outcome will be.  I planned an Autumn lesson with my Grade 1 Art pupils and wow!  Look how stunning their 3D leaves turned out.

Their class teacher added it to her display board in class and together it created this stunning effect.

I simply used 2 pre-printed papers with the outline of leaves on.

Paper 1:  Draw patterns on the leaves using black colouring pencil.  Then paint with watercolour paint over the patterns. We discussed autumn colours and leave textures.

Paper 2:  Paint leaves with watercolour paint and paint background blue.

Cut the leaves on paper 1 out.

Use a spacer (I used pieces of polystyrene, but you can use rolled pieces of paper) and glue the cut leaves onto paper 2. The spacer creates the 3D effect.  We used wood glue that is a bit runny, so the artwork does need some time to dry.

Go and try this idea with you class or little ones.  They will love it!

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