Saturday, 13 October 2018

Meet: Pumpkin the Frog Prince

Welcome back everybody!  I had so much fun creating this fun Pumpkin Frog Prince for Sew a Softie Halloween Edition.

He is a sweet, sleepy, half frog, half pumpkin Prince.  He is straight from a fairy tale.

Easy to sew, lets get started.

You will need 2 squares of fabric.  Green and Orange
3 Pipe cleaners for the legs.
2 Eyes.
Black embroidery thread for the mouth.
Click here for the pattern.

Trace the pieces onto the felt.  There is a top and bottom part of the body pattern piece. The top should be orange and the bottom green.  You will need 6 of each and make sure to add the markings for the eye and leg placements.  I marked lightly with pencil, but you could also sew a small stitch with an contrasting color thread to show the marking.

Sew the top and bottom part of the body pattern together and then start sewing the 6 body pattern pieces together.  Make sure that the seams of the orange and green parts line neatly up.

Leave an opening between a 2 green parts to insert the eyes and the stuffing.

Stuff in the frog a little bit and then insert the eyes. Complete stuffing the frog and sew the opening close.

Lets make the green tuft at the top of the frog.  Cut short pieces of embroidery thread, tie them together and insert at the top seam of the frog.  Secure the tuft with small stitches to 'close' the opening at the top.  I couldn't decide which color to choose!

Fold the leg piece in half and sew from the toe to the top of the leg.  I choose not sew them with the right sides together, since it would've made turning them around very difficult.  Sew with small stitches to keep the edges neat.

Before you insert a pipe cleaner into each leg, bend the end over a little bit, so that it won't poke through the fabric. Insert them into the leg and cut shorter if needed.  Do this for all 4 legs.

Pin the legs to the body where you made the markings.  I bent the legs before sewing to make sure I was happy with their shape. Longer legs in the front and short ones at the back.  You will see that the feet has a specific shape.  Make sure that you have 2 right feet and 2 left feet.

After sewing the feet on, I made an extra holding stitch between the leg and the body, just to make sure that the legs are not too wobbly.

Using the black embroidery thread, sew a mouth onto the frog.  I used a long needle to go from one side to the other.  You can sew it onto the seam line, or make a more friendlier frog with a slight curve upwards.

I think all my frog needs now is a crown!

Please post and share your pictures with and remember to tag #sewasoftie.


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  1. What a sweet idea! A pumpkin frog prince! And he looks like a very sweet frog prince too!!


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