Saturday, 14 July 2018

Sew a Softie 2018

Hi there everyone!  Today is our turn to contribute to Sew a Softie 2018.  I've been playing around with the idea to create softies native to our country.  So here, hopefully the first of many, is the King of the Bushveld, the Lion.

The lion on our continent is the most majestic, dangerous, and absolute beautiful animal.  Lions are found in the Bushveld, a dry, Savannah part of our country.  The female lion is a lioness and babies are called cubs.

Lets get started on our softie.

Any brown felt will do.  A variety of colors will give your softie more depth.

Cut out the pattern pieces.  Stick them on hard cardboard - it is easier to work with and your pieces with last longer.

Click here for the pattern.

Cut 2 bodies, 9 mane hair pieces, 1 chest piece, 2 tail pieces.

Pin the mane hair pieces to one body part and pin the chest piece to the other body part.

Start sewing the chest piece to the first body part.  I used embroidery thread and running stitch.

Mark a small triangle for the nose and fill in with embroidery thread.  I used a small piece of 'stitch and tear' at the back of where I sew the nose.  It makes the felt a bit stronger and makes sewing the nose easier as the fabric is sturdier.

I filled the nose in the longer stitches.

You can insert the eyes at this point if you are using safety eyes.   It depends what kind of eyes you are going to use.  I couldn't make up mind on which eyes to use.   At the end I used clear glass eyes, which I sewed in after stuffing the head.

Pin the 2 body pieces together and sew them together.  Leave a 'leave open' space between the legs.  I used running stitch, but you could use blanket stitch as well.

Sew feet detail in as you sew around the feet.  Remember to leave open between the legs.

Stuff the body with poly puffs.

Sew the tail pieces together, leaving an opening at the bottom and stuff lightly. Close the opening.  I sewed the tail on the body with a button.  (I like buttons).

Well done!  You have made a King of the Bushveld.

Remember to post you pictures and share with #sewasoftie

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Yarn Bowls

A while back I asked my friend from @creativemeza if she thinks I can make my own yarn bowls from polymer clay. I really wanted to make my own yarn bowls and was busy exploring the different ways I could achieve this. 

We then came up with the idea to ask another friend who makes ceramics, to pour us a couple of bowls. Isn't it wonderful to have such a great circle of friends!!! We worked on the greenware to cut out our shapes and sculpted sheep, bears and little dolls to add to our bowls.  

It was quite a long process and a lot of learning took place.  I learned that the clay is super soft and one has to work very carefully.  I learned which shapes works best on certain bowl shapes, how much glaze is needed and how firing at the wrong temperature can influence the colors.  

We starting cutting and sculpting on the greenware. We let it dry out completely before painting bowls. 

Next up was fine sanding and smoothing out some rough edges on the bowls.  This was the most challenging part.  They are extremely soft to work with and some didn't make it.  Then came the exciting part of painting the bowls.

After they survived the kiln, we painting them with glaze and fired them again.  

I was so excited to see the final product!  I am sure I will find each one of them a place and fill them with beautiful yarn!

What a wonderful journey this was and every step was exciting and fun!  Definitely something I will do again!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sew a Softie Festive Edition

Wow, time sure does fly by! 

It is my turn today to inspire you with a stunning, yet easy to sew pattern. 

For us here in South Africa our Festive Season is sunny and hot and we do enjoy spending time outside. 

My pattern today is a simple Christmas tree, but the fun is in decorating it with anything you have in the house that you can sew on. (or maybe even glue it on)  Any old pieces of ribbon, buttons and beads will do it!

I used felt, some old rick-rack from my moms stash and a bit of left over sequins.

Cut 2 of the tree pattern.  Sew on your decorations on one of the tree parts before you sew the 2 parts together.  Mix and match your decorative bits.  Plan before you start sewing.

After everything is sewed on.  Sew the back and front pieces together and leave an opening at the bottom. Fold you pieces of rick-rack or ribbons to the inside before you sew, it will leave it nice and neat. 

Stuff your tree and sew the bottom closed.

Please share your pictures with us!  Have a wonderful holiday, festive season and I wish you a creative 2018!

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